Posted by: Shaun | March 21, 2008

Through the Looking Glass

Whenever something serious is happening in China, I always take a minute to browse through People’s Daily and marvel at the bizarre unreality offered up by the media mouthpiece of the Chinese Communist Party. This is wonderful example of the sort of “coverage” offered by our friends at Renmin Ribao:

Lying in the People’s Hospital, Losang Cering had seven stitches on his face. His cheekbone was broken and the Tibetan doctor also suffered cerebral concussion.

“I didn’t regret helping the Hans,” he said.
Losang Cering went out with nurse Cejig last Friday to rescue the injured in the riot, when he saw a tearful father, whose name he knew later was Wu Guanglin, cuddling his son in front of a smoky house crying for help. The boy was trampled by rioters and suffocated.

They performed artificial respiration for the six-year-old boy and drove him and Wu Guanglin to hospital. But the ambulance was intercepted within 10 meters by a dozen mobsters wielding knives and clubs or holding bricks, who asked for the Hans.

Rebuffing their demand, Losang Cering clinched the boy to his chest and gave his safety helmet to Wu.

“I am a doctor. They won’t hurt me,” he said.

Although the doctor and the nurse were both injured seriously in the violence, he was glad the boy was saved.

Talking about his story, Losang Cering didn’t appear proud at all. “It was my duty,” he said, “when we are in trouble, I believe that the Hans would do the same.”

Though I have no doubt that this story is true, you have to admire the skilled construction of a soothing narrative portraying the “good Tibetan” in solidarity with his Han brethren, facing down the ravenous mob of “splittists” who seem intent on violence against anyone of any ethnicity who falls in their path. Just when you think the CCP is getting soft, they prove that they still have the old propaganda magic. Oh well…you have to at least give them credit for even talking about  Tibet.


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