Posted by: Shaun | February 22, 2008

Science…in a science class!

Florida’s state Board of Education came through on new curriculum guidelines for biology classes by adding the word “evolution” to the text, thus bringing the Sunshine State up to the standards of 1859. The 4-3 vote was based on a compromise; namely that evolution would be taught only as a “scientific theory.” This phraseology was pushed by members of the anti-evolution religious right, in and out of the legislature, as a means of stripping the legitimacy of the term evolution. Personally, I have no problem with the inclusion of the word “theory” since, if it is understood correctly, it really just betrays the ignorance of most creationists as to what a scientific theory actually is. Sorry guys, but at least you still have some vague, misshapen indentations in some mud, or whatever the hell that is.


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